Moisture Boost Shampoo


About our shampoo

Our shampoo is specially designed to suit men’s hair needs. It provides intense cleansing while protecting the hair structure and not stripping any essential oils.This shampoo is developed to be used on daily basis and not to disrupt the natural structure of the hair. It provides an intense cleanse and leaves a long- lasting feeling of freshness. The shampoo successfully removes all kinds of overlays on the hair.

Our shampoo for men provides a deep and intense cleanse to completely eliminate dirt and grease from the scalp and hair. It reduces irritation and itching and leaves the hair looking shiny and smooth.



Unique formula

This shampoo combines unique ingredients that deliver a great cleanse and hydrate the hair at the same time. It features natural ingredients that activate when in contact with the hair and help protect it.


Deeply cleanses

The shampoo cleanses the hair from depths and leaves it feeling and looking fresh and clean. There is no oily residue. The shampoo washes out easily and has a great, refreshing, mint scent that stays on for longer.

Active ingredients


Strengthens and nourishes the hair. It is often used for the making of drinks, but it has great benefits for the hair as well.

Orange peel

For great and deep cleaning. It provides not only a deep cleansing, but also a refreshing feeling. It helps the hair look fuller.


Mint has a strong scent and leaves a really strong feeling of freshness. It purifies the scalp and helps feel fresh for longer.

Moisture Boost Shampoo

  • Ingredients:
  • Provides long- lasting feeling of freshness
  • Combines natural ingredients
  • Deeply cleanses the hair
  • Natural, strong aroma
  • Reduces irritation
  • Price: € 13.99


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